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On the Page To Stage Podcast, Cheryl takes listeners through the process of putting up and running the Broadway show, Chicken and Biscuits.

Part 1

Part 2

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"When Mr. Morton’s Gregory takes the stage, it’s as if a wrecking ball suddenly shattered the back of the theater. He’s sharp, pointed, tearing into material about racism with a fearless bite that still takes your breath away — or would, if you weren’t already wheezing from laughter."

Rinse Repeat critics pick.jpg

"In Domenica Feraud’s potent drama, hard-driving parents don’t recognize the examples they set for a daughter with anorexia."

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White rabbuit red rabbit nyt critic's pi

"Ripping Good! This production rewards grown-ups and their children."

"Popcorn Falls is laugh-out-loud comic genius"

​"...among the shivery aspects of the play is the ghostly presence of the writer — absent and present, simultaneously — and ever in danger of being silenced, whether by the oppression of the country’s rulers or, more darkly, the anguish and despair that this can induce."


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